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Course : Venue: ISKCON Ravet 1st Floor Hall Language: English Course Fees: 200
Positive Thinker
Prerequisite Course: Discover Your Self (DYS)

Background: Many times, a true seeker, after knowing that his identity is essentially spiritual and we are a spirit soul, wants to know further about a truly spiritual living. He understands the desperate need of living with spiritual principles, but sometimes wrongly thinks that spiritual living is not so easy. He may create a misunderstanding about spiritual life due to his own speculations or wrong guidance that creates a confusion in the mind of a seeker.It may appear, that, the spiritual path is difficult, with many restrictions, rules, regulations, principles and full of austerities. Such life apparently may be wrongly seen as a negative way of living. Some people even worry that such life possibly keeps us bereft of opportunities of enjoyment in a materialistic way without following any restrictions. But these are gross misunderstandings creating a very negative impressions on the mind about spiritual living. If one wants to faithfully accept, a spiritual living wholeheartedly, without any reservations, these myths are required to be disapproved.
What to expect: This course helps one, to develop a healthy Positive spirit, needed to tap the powerful message of the Bhagavad Gita. It helps one to identify a divine guide in one's life and to obtain the necessary qualifications, to become a cheerful positive thinker by knowing the sublime truths. This opens a huge spiritual opportunity, that can completely make a person, fully cognizant of his own spiritual powers, awarded to him in his rare human birth.
This course is very systematically and carefully crafted in 5 sessions.
  1. Identifying my divine guide
  2. Spirit of Bhagavad gita
  3. Qualifications of an ideal Disciple
  4. Reincarnation – fact or fiction?
  5. Evolving towards Perfection
About this course
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Duration (Days): 7 No of Sessions: 5
From: 14-Apr-2024 To: 26-May-2024
Time: 10:30:00 To: 12:30:00

Course Coordinator:

Nilesh Ashok Chamedia


7276188661, 7276188661
Teacher 1:

Krishnapad Das

Kashinath Vinodrao Kokil


9511782307, 9511782307
Teacher 2:

Shivdas Haribhu Lande


9049024387, 9049024387
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